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The Picks

Quality Marine is an avid supporter of aqua-cultured specimens and is continually searching for new producers around the world. Because of this we have assembled one of the world's best lists of aquacultured fish. On any given day there are at least a dozen different kinds of Clownfish in stock, a deep stock of Cardinalfish, there are Batfish, a few species of Angelfish, several different goby species, there are even Porkfish and Lookdowns. The lists of available fish grows all the time.

Even more impressive gains are made on the invert side of the house, with even more regularity. The number of aquaculture operations found throughout the South Pacific and Indonesia is rapidly expanding. More desirable color variations are being more consistently produced, and the variety increases even faster than the fish side of the house. Of particular note this week are the Aquacultured Blue Rim Derasa Clams (Tridacna derasa). These are in perfect shape and have amazing color. You should also check out the Aquacultured Green Long Polyp Flowerpot Coral (Goniopora sp.). These have stunning polyp extension and are larger than average.