News / Company News / The Picks (01/22/16)

The Picks

Today, the east coast took a beating. Flights delayed, flights cancelled and shipping nearly impossible. The west coast is in fine shape currently, and we have an excellent variety of stock for you to choose from. For most of the continent (and overseas) this means it is business as usual at Quality Marine. Our friends on the right hand side of the country will probably have to wait a couple days to get inbound shipping options straightened out.

Recently, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis) have been recruiting throughout the Pacific and we have an excellent supply of gorgeous specimens available in a good range of sizes, including the desirable smaller range.

Also on the smaller side, we have a number of very nice Mini Scolys (Scolymia australis) in stock right now. These are perfect for smaller reef aquaria.

Over on the fish side, you should definitely check out our MAC Certified, SSC Pencil Candy Wrasse Pairs (Pseudojuloides cerasinus). We don't have too many of them, but they are all in very nice shape.

Also along very cool and limited lines, we have a very few Juvenile Pinnatus Batfish (Platax pinnatus) that are perfect black with the neon orange outline. We used to see these cultured fairly frequently, but availability seems to be lessening. Get them while you can.