News / Company News / The Picks (01/15/16)

The Picks

Right now, we have some of the nicest Fijian Live Rock I've seen in a long time. We have it at what is honestly a ridiculously low price, and with some shipping breaks as well. Obviously there are volume discounts. In addition, we have some extremely nice rock we're calling standard, but should probably still be premium by the usual grading standard. Both kinds are priced better than I have ever seen in terms of "landed cost." Talk to your Account Manager ASAP. When it's gone, so is this pricing.

We were lucky enough this week to receive a couple very rare Lava Pseudogrammas (Pseudogramma sp.). While pretty much no one has seen these before in the hobby, I just love them. They are such a great fish, very hardy, easy to feed stays small and just cool looking too!

Our love affair with Aussie Corals continues unabated as well. We have all the Scolys Acans and Euphyllias you need. However, in addition, you may want to talk to your account manager about a little something more.