News / Company News / The Marine Aquarium Handbook Returns (02/25/10)

The Marine Aquarium Handbook Returns

The Marine Aquarium Handbook, Beginner to Breeder has returned with a brand new Revised and Expanded Edition! Martin A. Moe, Jr. has once more demonstrated his mastery of the subject of marine husbandry. There may not be another aquarist in the world with more experience in husbandry and breeding, and the experience is obvious from the very first page. This quintessential volume is the best-selling aquarium book of all time, and now includes a forward by renowned marine aquarist Julian Sprung. The new edition includes all the great husbandry information you have come to expect from Martin Moe, as well as fresh instructions on how to create an energy-efficient tank system. Anyone from the novice to the experienced aquarist is sure to gain some great knowledge from this book, a fact which lends to its broad appeal. If you only own one marine husbandry book, this should be the one!