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Tales from the Deep: Borbonios Anthias

Within the sub-family Anthiadinae, several deeper water species are not as prevalent in the aquarium trade in comparison to other members, However, many make excellent choices for more experienced hobbyists and those willing to meet their needs. One such anthias is the Yellow Blotched or Borbonios Anthias (Odontanthias borbonius), which comes to us from a wide range within the Indo-Pacific including Palau, South Africa and even Japan. However, its distribution range is not the reason it is lesser-seen, its due to its depth range. Borbonios anthias are rarely encountered above 300 feet (~92m), with some being seen at depths as deep as 1000 feet (~305m). It takes quite the skilled diver to not only reach these depths but to collect the fish as well.
In the home aquaria, they would prefer reef tanks that seek to replicate deeper water biotopes, though some have reported success in those tanks that are heavy on SPS and other hermatypic stony corals which replicate shallower water habitats. As with other anthias, Borbonios is a zooplanktivore and as such, eats continually throughout the day. At minimum you should feed your specimen twice a day, though three is preferable. The good news about your anthias being a zooplanktivore that requires multiple feedings is that they will completely ignore sessile and motile invertebrates. Contact a sales manager to place an order and learn more today.