News / Company News / Super Stars Galore! (12/3/2008)

Super Stars Galore!

Super Stars Galore!
Quality Marine has an outstanding variety of starfish in stock. We are also pleased to announce the availability of the Yellow Spotted Nardoa Star (Nardoa tuberculata), a new species from Papua New Guinea.

QM is presently stocking 4 species from Papua New Guinea, and 20 more from other regions. You will find a great selection of sand sifters, detritivores and others some of which are brilliantly colored, patterned, and textured. Some species are in limited supply so we suggest that you act fast for ordering.
From Papua New Guinea, we are offering Yellow Spotted Nardoa, Sand, Blue Linckia, and Chocolate Chip Starfish. From other regions, we are offering Red Fromia, Peach Tip Nardoa, Brittle Stars (Fancy Yellow, Red & Tiger), and more.
For product details and images, please see our list of wild starfish.