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Bob's Picks

Here in the U.S. we have officially entered our Spring season, but with snowstorms still present Im sure it doesnt feel that way in some areas. Usually I might speak about keeping an eye on weather patterns and keeping your sales rep updated on your local conditions. While this is important, what really goes unnoticed this time of year is the impact the change of seasons has on the ocean water temperature.

The majority of our species are collected in tropical climates so we would not think there would be much impact, but as season change, so do the ocean currents. Often in these cases there can be an influx of cooler water which disrupts an otherwise stable environment. It may not seem like much to us warm-blooded creatures but to our cold-blooded friends the implications could run deep and add stress to the animals before they are even collected.

For our Short Supply Chain sources these temperature shifts seldom have impact as stress is already kept to an absolute minimum due to their relatively shorter transit times. Where we tend to notice the impact is with animals that have a longer transit time. Our team of Acclimation and Husbandry specialists strive to reduce the impact of stress from these temperature shifts in the ocean by providing the highest level of care possible. This all equates to being able to offer our customers a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant animal.

Our selection of aquacultured inverts just grows and grows. This week we got an excellent shipment of Aquacultured Purple Joker Palys (Palythoa sp). The rocks are good size with good coverage and the polyps have great size and color.

We also have a more limited supply of Purple Flower Pot Corals (Goniopora sp.) that have outstanding polyp extension and coloration.

I think my favorite jawfish is the Blue Dot Jawfish (Opistognathus rosenblatti) and we just happen to have a pretty good supply of mind blowingly nice ones right now. Get them while they're here, which won't be long.

The Pink Tail Triggers (Melichthys vidua) we have right now are very well conditioned, have bright pink tails and are a great showpiece size, not too big, not too small. These are among the best choices for reef aquaria as far as triggerfish go.

From our Fijian SSC we have a great selection of MAC Purple Pygmy Anthias (Luzonichthys waitei) that are schooling nicely and just glowing pink and purple.