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Relief Efforts in the Philippines

Quality Marine would like to invite you to join us in assisting the relief effort in the Philippines. The ZSL (Zological Society of London), in concert with Project Seahorse, is offering a way to directly support the fishermen and other coastal peoples most affected by Typhoon Haiyan. You can donate to this cause, and learn more about this effort via the following links.

Project Seahorse Press Release

Here is the thank you message we got after we donated via the attached link:

Thank you for your help in supporting relief and recovery efforts for poor fishing communities in the Philippines whose lives have been devastated by the earthquake in Bohol and typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Your support is being used immediately as follows: 4.25 provides on relief pack for a household, containing food, water and basic medical and hygiene supplies. 80 rents a boat to transport and distribute relief packs to isolated coastal communities. 230 provides building materials to repair a house. We are supporting 11 worst hit communities in Bohol, Cebu and Panay who are not currently receiving aid from other sources. These are communities we have worked with for a number of years and so we can be certain that we are responding to immediate needs and that the aid will get to the right people. As we distribute the relief packs, we will be working with communities to develop recovery plans. These will include helping rebuild livelihoods, marine protected areas (providing food for the future) and planting mangroves that are known to reduce the impacts of storm surges. Additional funds raised will go towards rebuilding the lives of these communities. Thank you very much for your kind donation. It really will go a very long way in helping ZSL rebuild these communities.