News / Company News / Reef Hobbyist Magazine: Now Free With Every Order. (07/19/10)

Reef Hobbyist Magazine: Now Free With Every Order.

We are proud to announce that Quality Marine customers are now able to receive FREE copies of Reef Hobbyist Magazine along with their QM orders. RHM and Quality Marine decided to team up recently to help enhance the existing distribution network for the magazine, while providing a new free service for our customers.

Reef Hobbyist Magazine's goal is to offer a free, high-quality publication to spark interest in the aquarium hobby and offer insightful information for both new and experienced aquarists. With the latest and most informative reef-focused news and articles, along with colorful photography, RHM makes for a great addition to your QM order and is a great tool for further educating your customers.

While supplies last, we will include 15 copies of RHM in each order, if you would like to add more copies to your order or not receive the RHM at all (but who would?) please contact your QM sales rep.