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Quality Marine Now Offers Hobbyist Registration

Quality Marine Now Offers Hobbyist Registration
Quality Marine is pleased to announce the launch of a new program aimed to educate the marine aquarium hobbyist about their captive organisms, their aquariums, the trade in marine ornamentals, responsible aquarium keeping, coral reef conservation and more.
Hobbyist Registration allows Quality Marine to provide weekly, newsletter-style emails which contain topical information on the marine ornamental industry and coral reef conservation, QM news, new products, species profiles with information on captive care, and equipment and husbandry overviews. Registered hobbyists can expect to be provided with a list of retail stores in their vicinity which use QM as a source for livestock and drygoods. QM may periodically offer consumer discounts to registered hobbyists that can be used at select retailers as part of a consumer redemption program.
How will this affect retailers who are Quality Marine customers?
At QM, we believe that a knowledgeable hobbyist increases their own success along with that of their trusted local retailer. Hobbyist consumers, who understand that Quality Marine specializes in high quality, responsibly collected organisms, would be expected to seek out retailers who also understand these important aspects as well.
Quality Marine is wholesale only, and does not sell to the public. Stock and price lists are strictly limited to Customer Registrants.
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