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QM Introduces DrTim's Nitrifying Bacteria

QM Introduces DrTim's Aquatics' One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria
From the creator of BioSpira* comes a new line of Nitrifying bacteria for speeding up the cycling process of aquaria. This product is ideal for new tank set-ups and allows your customers to add fish to their aquarium immediately! DrTim's One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria virtually eliminates the need to wait to let bacteria populate in the filter. Simply shake the bottle and pour the necessary amount directly into your bio-filter or display tank. At this time, since the aquarium system is new, a few hardy fish should be added and they will produce the ammonia needed to feed the bacteria which will rapidly colonize the filter media, quickly establishing a completely functioning biofilter and then more fish can be added to the aquarium. As always, we recommend that fish are added slowly so as not to put a greater demand on the bacteria than they can handle.
DrTim's Aquatics' One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria is the latest product from Dr. Timothy Hovanec (one of Pet Product News' Top 25 people to watch in 2008). His One and Only Bacteria is now available in two different varieties, one for Saltwater aquaria and one for Freshwater aquaria. Each version comes in 2oz and 4oz sizes and is packaged in an easy to use dosing bottle with removable cap.
What Does It Do?
One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria contains a community of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria grown together and specifically designed to allow fish to be immediately added to a properly set-up new aquarium. One and Only eliminates the condition known as New Tank Syndrome, which is the major cause of the failure of newly set-up aquaria, quickly establishing a functioning biofilter that keeps ammonia and nitrite below toxic levels.
How Long Does The Bottle Last?
One and Only has a 6 month shelf-life at room temperature and can be refrigerated for up to one year.

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*The BioSpira Trademark is owned by Spectrum Brands