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QM Introduces Another Fish to North America

QM Introduces Another Fish to North America
Quality Marine is proud to be the first company to introduce the Privitera Deepwater Anthias to North America. These anthias are a gorgeous member of the Pseudanthias genus and are perfect for the rare anthias collector. These anthias were collected in the Cook Islands and were found at a depth between 200-300 ft. Due to the depth of collection and the rarity of the fish, we have temporarily quarantined them for observation as well as to limit their stress. They are actively feeding on enriched live brine shrimp and should be ready for shipment by the end of this week.
Named after Professor Lisa Privitera of the University of Hawaii, the Pseudanthias privitera was first discovered by J. Randal and R. Pyle in 2001. These fish are known to be indigenous to the waters surrounding the Cook Islands and no reports have been made of these fish elsewhere. They are a deepwater fish and much like their Ventralis relatives the Privitera inhabits steep ledges and are found in small caves and nooks within the ledge. They are not a pelagic species and are rarely found more than a meter from the substratum (Randal et al., 2001).
Reference: Randall, J.E. and R.L. Pyle 2001 Four new serranid fishes of the anthiine genus Pseudanthias from the South Pacific. Raffles Bull. Zool. 49(1):19-34.