News / Company News / QM Debut's New Booth at IMAC West (8/4/2009)

QM Debut's New Booth at IMAC West

QM Debut's Our New Booth at IMAC West
The QM Team put on a great showing at IMAC West this past weekend and ended up winning the best booth award. Our pristine 200g show tank was an attraction in itself, displaying a few of the many stunning fish and corals offered by QM. The tank was illuminated by the energy efficient line of Aquaray LED fixtures, more on that below.

For those of you that didn't visit our booth, here's a quick tour.

While the reef aquarium was the focal point of the booth, we also displayed products from some of the other lines that we distribute, including: Dr. Tim's Aquatics (featuring Dr. Tim himself), Tropical Marine Center, Gamma Foods, Nutramar Foods, and Tropic Marin. We even had Lou Ekus from Tropic Marin USA live on teleconference on our big screen communicating with passers by, educating them about Tropic Marin products and answering any questions.

A corner shot of the front of the tank with some admirers checking out the livestock.

The front end of the tank, showing the undersides of half of the 24 Aquabeams used to illuminate the front of the aquarium. The Aquabeams were mounted in two separate custom frames milled out of a single blank of 1 1/2" PVC and topped with perforated Aluminum.

This picture shows one of the long sides of the tank and some of the varied and unique shapes of live rock. The majority of the rock work was made up from Vanuatu rock and a small amount of Fiji Base rock was used for the foundation.

The back end of the tank showing the two spots where we concealed vortech MP40's mounted to the bottom of the tank, blowing the water vertically.

A view at the crevace between the main rock structure and the pillar. The Tierra, Pseudanthias pulcherrimus, and Ventralis Anthias, Pseudanthias ventralis were all in good health and swam most of the time in a vertical position facing downwards.

The top shelf of the tank showing the integrated fill and drain overflow along with a variety of cherry corals.

This popular Tiger Tunicate was the subject of endless questions about its ID and care requirements.

This pillar was constructed using a single giant piece of rock from Vanuatu. This rock featured several corals including the pictured cultured Acropora desalwii and Blastomussa wellsi.

This Latezonatus Clown, Amphiprion latezonatus, took residence in the colt coral situated in the sand.

A stunning, yet typical MAC Certified male Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus, from Fiji.

This Orange Spotted Filefish, Oxymonacanthus longirostris, (another MAC Certified fish from Fiji) was very at home in the tank with the large variety of SPS coral polyps to forage on, although he was already feeding on the Ova Prawn Eggs from Nutramar.

...and last but not least, the hybrid Flame x Rusty Angelfish, Centropyge loriculus x ferrugatus. For such a little fish he caused quite a stir.