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Powder Blue Tangs from Maldives

Powder Blue Tangs from Maldives:
Here at Quality Marine, we pride ourselves on the quality and health of the fish that we carry. A prime example can be seen in our Powder Blue Surgeonfish. We import our Powder Blues from the Maldives weekly so as to maintain a consistent supply of fat, healthy, and richly colored specimens.
Powder Blue tangs are an extremely popular choice for the marine aquarist, but more often than not, these fish do not fare well if mishandled through the chain of custody due to lack of nutrition and poor holding conditions. We ensure that our fish are properly treated from the point of collection onwards and we take great care in providing them optimal conditions while housed here at QM. We feed our Powder Blue tangs Gracillaria, a highly nutritious natural algae that helps to keep the fish well nourished and healthy.
We recommend that aquarists looking to have Powder Blue tangs to make sure that there is ample room for the fish to swim. We recommend tanks with a minimum of 75 gallons in size, with aquariums of 120 gallons and larger being ideal. Powder Blues are algae grazers and will fare best when provided a consistent supply of food, Gracillaria, which we also sell, is an excellent option as it can float freely in an aquarium and will take far longer than other food sources to degrade. Powder Blues also require clean and well oxygenated water to help prevent any disease outbreaks as they can be rather sensitive to ich. Careful consideration should also be given when to adding a powder blue to an established aquarium. These fish can become highly territorial and be aggressive towards other members of their family.