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Pledge your support for the future of the Marine Aquarium Industry

Dear Fellow Marine Ornamental Industry participants and enthusiasts,

Over the past decade a number of initiatives to unify segments of the industry that we, our families and affiliated businesses depend on, have been championed. We should all be appreciative of the various industry associations that exist and are effective for their specific purposes and those that achieve specific goals. We encourage the continuation of such organizations, and even the development of more such groups that can unify sectors within trade.

More than ever, it has become increasingly important that we work cohesively for the larger purpose of evolving our trade responsibly and proudly into an industry that is validated on its merits of sustainability. We need to champion the value that it provides not only the many coastal communities it benefits in developing nations around the world through the responsible and valuable use of one of the worlds most renewable resources, but also the value it brings to the many hobbyists, enthusiasts, the education and scientific communities. We need to recognize the value it brings the countless numbers of people employed in the industry or that are dependent on or benefit from it.

PIJAC has formally developed a Marine Ornamental Industry Subcommittee focused on developing a variety of initiatives that will help evolve, validate, legitimize, and ultimately protect the future of our trade. Every participant in this industry currently faces a number of threats that could affect the way we operate and even the organisms we handle, care for, breed, display and enjoy. There are threats that could affect the long-term viability of our industry and ultimately those who enjoy or who are dependent on it. Every participant in trade could be affected from the marine fish enthusiast maintaining and growing colonies of their favorite organisms at home, to scientists, to retail store employees, the hard working industry workforce, and to the most impoverished fishermen with no alternative livelihoods other than those which are incalculably more extractive and destructive to the very resources we depend on for the future of this trade.

It is time for the industry to unite, put aside our insignificant differences, and work together cohesively and responsibly for a healthy Marine Aquarium trade we can all be proud to participate in. By joining PIJAC and by pledging support for the Marine Ornamentals Action Fund, we are empowering PIJAC to work hard on issues of concern to trade. We are developing a strong subcommittee of talented, hardworking stakeholders that will communicate with the membership monthly its activities and the results of its fund-raising efforts.

Please join PIJAC, and pledge your additional support for the future of Marine Aquarium Industry.

Thank you,

G. Christopher Buerner
President, Quality Marine
Co-Chair, PIJAC Marine Ornamental Industry Subcommittee

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