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Photo of the Week - Wunderpus photogenicus

The Wunderpus is endemic to the Indo-Malayan Archipelago (Indonesia and Malaysia). This is a semi-nocturnal animal, emerging at dusk and dawn to forage; primarily on small crustaceans and fish. They live mostly in open, sandy or silty environments.

The Wunderpus has a very unique color pattern (indeed no two Wunderpus are the same) and the patterns appear the most distinct when the octopus is disturbed or threatened. Little is known about the lifespan or reproduction of this species.

Like all octopi kept in home aquaria, low lighting, excellent water quality and VERY tight fitting lids are required for success. Ocotpi are very smart, and must be given "toys" or something to do, or they suffer from elevated stress levels. Giving them food inside of loosely fitting screw top plastic jars can keep them occupied (and you amazed).