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Photo of the Week - Blastomussa wellsi

The Blastomussa wellsi has always been one of our favorite corals, but over the past few years, we've seen an amazing increase in the different color variants that come through our doors. The reason for this is primarily due to Australia's supply lines opening up, prior to that the majority of imported specimens came from Indonesian waters. With each shipment we are always surprised by yet another unique color-form.

While the pic below isn't of one of the most unique color strains we've seen, it still is an exceptional piece with a red that is just about as vividly colored as you can get. These great corals are also favorites of ours since they do well in so many different types of reef aquariums with various lighting schemes. We've also found that target feeding these corals a variety of finely copped meaty foods help them to stay healthy and increase their growth rates.