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Photo's of the Week

There are few things as awe-inspiring as a vibrant and colorful piece of coral. That is why we snapped this photo of a few of our Acanthastrea lordhowensis colonies (straight from Australia) for this edition of Photos of The Week. We absolutely love these acans because of the myriad of color morphs that they come in. With the uniqueness of each color scheme and pattern, its seems as if no two are alike. Their extremely hardy nature and ability to thrive under a wide variety of lighting conditions, makes them great for nearly all types of reef tanks and just about any level of hobbyist. Of course no advanced aquarist would ever be turned away by these brightly colored and beautiful LPS corals. While the slow growing Acanthastrea derive much of their nutrition from light (via photosynthesis), when supplemented with meaty foods they will often experience faster growth rates.