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Photo's of the Week

We see a lot of beautiful wrasses over here at QM, after all, they are one of the most diverse and colorful families of fish, but some are just worth stopping to take a photo of.

Behold, the Golden Male (Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis): a Cirrhilabrus that, sadly enough, only makes its way into the aquarium trade on rare occasions. Fortunately we were lucky enough to receive a few of these flashy guys.

While shy at first, they took to hungrily eating our frozen Gamma with the patience of our skilled husbandry staff. Another trait of the Golden Male wrasse that makes it a gem of a fish, is that it rarely ever bothers corals or inverts, making them an amazingly colorful, yet peaceful, addition to the reef tank. It is also friendly towards other Cirrhilabrus, and likes to be kept with a female counterpart.

While we could go on all day about this awesome wrasse, well stop now and let the photo do the rest of talking!