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Photo's of the Week

Theres a lot to love about cardinalfish. Theyre peaceful, adapt well to life in captivity, are always ready to eat, and can be put in schools of others to create a spectacular visual in the aquarium. So when we received a few unusual cardinals recently, we just had to snap some photos and show them off as our photo's of the week!

The Five-lined (Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus), Sevenstriped (Apogon novemfasciatus), Bridled (Apogon fraenatus), and Dampier (Apogon Sp.) cardinals each have interesting and unique markings that set them apart from other cardinals. While we enjoy the Longspines and Bangaiis, these four cardinal species are not seen nearly as often in the home aquarium. Watching these fish school, with their natural swimming patterns and bold lines, is quite a show to see. On top of that they are very docile fish and are among the top of our list of great additions to the community tank.

For aquarists looking for a fish that most others dont have in their aquarium, the Five-lined, Sevenstriped, Bridled, and Dampier are all great options.