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Photo's of the Week

Every so often we get a species of fish here at QM that is so unique, its hard not to take an immediate liking to it. Thats what happened when we received this purple frilly Rhinopias Scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa). It took quickly to eating meaty foods, watching our husbandry staff carefully with its separately mobile eyes as they fed it. Though very docile and relaxed most of the day, when dinner time came, it was a whole different story. Also, as with many other beautiful creatures in the ocean, our friend the purple frilly had a poisonous nature as its dorsal spines contains a very dangerous toxin.

Impressively sized and a body shaped like a psychedelic sculpture, this guy was the talk of the staff for weeks. Though sad to see him go, we are glad he has since found a new home.