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Photo's of the Week

If the ornamental fish hobby had a poster child, it might just be the Golden Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish. The awesome unique look and color of each Fuzzy Dwarff Lionfish never fails to impress us, even among the hundreds of other exquisite species that we work with everyday. For this particular specimen, the rich gold coloring really separates it from other Fuzzy Dwarf Lions. The color form displayed here is not too commonly seen, but like other Dwarf Fuzzy Lions, they can be quite hardy and trained to eat Gamma Whole Fish. Since they will happily gobble up small shrimp, crabs, or smaller fish that swim near, its best to keep them in a predator tank or at least one with larger fish.

The Liopropoma africanum is a spectacular fish that has recently made a debut appearance here at QM. Perhaps one of the rarest basslets in the trade, we were simply awed by its presence and had to snap a photo before it continued on its journey to find a lucky owner. With such stunning color this Liopropoma africanum is quickly becoming one of our favorite rarities.

This particular fish was collected by one of our SSC (Short Supply Chain) vendors in the Indian Ocean, where the fish was collected and immediately delivered to the export station. As it turns out, our friends at Tropical Marine Center across the pond also received one recently and that specimen is reportedly already at one of MAC's newest licensed retailers SA Reefkeeping in South Africa...that is if someone hasn't already snatched it up. For more info about that fish, check out the article on ReefBuilders.