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Photo's of the Week

The Red-lined Deepwater Hogfish is also commonly referred to as the Yellow-lined hog. It is a more uncommon fish in the trade because, as you may gather from their name, they are collected at fairly significant depths which are out of the range of most divers. Since air time at deeper depths is more limited while diving, and compressed air is quite costly, so are the fish that are usually collected in deeper waters. As such, this species commands a relatively high price tag.

They are quite mild mannered and shy fish, so we recommend that they have enough dark space to hide when threatened. Despite usually living in a habitat that is no where near the water's surface, they make excellent jumpers. Be wary if you have an open top tank and don't have slow ramp up intensities with your lights in your aquarium or with the surrounding room lights. Quick changes in lighting are one of the most stressful things for fish that can be easily avoided on a day-to-day basis. We also suggest a diet of mysis, enriched brine shrimp, or other chopped meaty foods to keep them well fed and looking their vibrant best.

The Purple and Yellow Chromis is not necessarily a newcomer to the reef scene, nor are they abnormally exquisite, although they've not been one of our more common items in recent years. They are harvested from the warm Caribbean waters and should be more commonly available from QM in the future.

Like most other Chromis, these make excellent reef fish as they don't bother corals or the majority of other invertebrates. They are shoaling fish and as such when put in groups they liven up the aquarium with their lavish colors and constant movement.