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Robert M. Fenner, 1952-2020 (05/19/20)
Its with shock and sadness that I have to write about the passing of Bob Fenner...a loss as friend personally and a loss to the entire aquarium fish community.
Photo of the Week - Tridacnid Gigas (05/14/20)
Gigas clams grow to monsterous proportions in the wild, in the aquarium industry smaller aquacultured specimens will do well with lots of light and room to grow.
Photo of the Week - Mappa Puffer Fish (05/05/20)
Puffer husbandry includes dental observations as well, a proper diet can assist with this.
Purple Speckled Actinodiscus Mushrooms (04/21/20)
Purple Speckled mushrooms (Actinodiscus) are a great choice for beginning reef aquarists and advanced hobbyists a like.
Not your Average Scopas Tang! (03/20/20)
Blue faced koi tangs make great centerpieces for the rare fish collector. These Aberrant tricolor scopas tangs are sure to be a show stopper.
Tales from the Deep: Borbonios Anthias (03/19/20)
The Borbonios anthias is a lesser-seen deeper water anthias that is an ideal candidate for biotopic reef aquariums.
Aquacultured Banggai Continue to Make the Hobby Sustainable (03/18/20)
Aquacultured Banggai Cardinalfish should be given strong consideration by amateur and expert aquarium hobbyists.
Lyretail Anthias (01/06/20)
The always social and vibrant Lyretail Anthias are in stock again! Contact your LFS or account manager to learn more.
Cute and Useful: The Matted "Aiptasia-eating" Filefish (12/12/19)
Most filefish should not be included in reef-aquaria but the Matted "Aiptasia-eating" Filefish is often purposely in them employed to rid the tank of pest anemones.
The Creole Anthias (12/04/19)
The Creole-Anthias (Paranthias furcifer) reminds us that Anthias are indeed part of the bass family (Serranidae) with their voracious appetites and relatively large size for an anthias of nearly 12 inches (~30cm).
Uninterrupted Beauty: The Interruptus Angel (11/27/19)
The Interruptus angel aka the Japanese pygmy angel (Centropyge interrupta) is a lesser seen Pomacanthidae that is typically collected in the Ogasawara Islands south of Japan. They are highly prized in the aquarium trade.
The Dragon Wrasse (11/25/19)
Also commonly referred to as the Rockmover Wrasse, the Dragon Wrasse gets these monikers a couple of ways.
The Sailfin Tang (11/23/19)
In the same genus as the classic Yellow tang, (Zebrasoma), the Sailfin tang is another great resilient species for medium sized to larger aquaria.
The Garden Eel (11/22/19)
Garden Eels can be a unique challenge for the moderately advanced aquarist.
The Bella Sleeper Goby (11/21/19)
The Bella Sleeper Goby is a wonderful addition to a sand bed CUC as it sifts through the sand disturbing the detritus and algae build up while simultaneously feeding in this manor.
Proper Elasmobranch Choices for the Home Aquarium: The Brown-Banded Bamboo Shark (09/13/19)
Brown-Banded Bamboo sharks are a relatively small and inactive elasmobranch, making these sharks popular choices for both public and private aquaria.
Not a pipe dream: The Ribboned Pipefish (09/13/19)
The ribboned pipefish is a lesser seen Syngnathidae found mostly in North Australian waters.
A Lesser Seen Angel from the Philippines: The Blue-Spotted Angelfish (08/07/19)
The Blue-Spotted Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus) is a lesser-seen Pomacanthidae in the aquarium trade due its limited range, being endemic to the Philippine Archipelago.
Photo of the Week: The Aussie Red Blasto (07/25/19)
The Australian Red Blasto (Blastomussa merletti) is a relatively fast growing stony (LPS) coral that does well in moderate flow and medium lighting in the home aquarium.
Photo of the Week - The Pinecone Fish (07/11/19)
The Pinecone fish (Monocentris japonica) is also commonly called the Pineapple fish, and its appearance makes it easy to see where it earns these names. Its spines and patterns cause it to look armored with a glow as they house bioluminescent...
Photo of the Week - Interruptus Angelfish (07/05/19)
The Interruptus Angelfish (Centropyge interupputa), also known as the Japanese Pygmy Angelfish, is one of the lesser seen dwarf angelfish in the trade and commands an understandable amount of fanfare when they come to market.
Photo of the Week - Colini Angelfish (06/27/19)
Pomacanthids of the genus Centropyge, also known as the dwarf angels, are some of the most popular angels in the aquarium hobby today, and it isnt difficult to see why. Though they are relatively cryptic in the wild, they make stunning displays in...
Photo of The Week - Aquacultured Pomacanthus maculosus (06/20/19)
Pomacanthus maculosus is commonly called the half moon or yellow banded angelfish. Quality Marine has both aquacultured and Red Sea wild collected specimens available. They are a resilient species not just in comparison to some of the other angels...
Photo of The Week - Rainbow Bottom Anemone (06/13/19)
The Rainbow Bottom Anemone displays an array of psychedelic colors that we have yet to experience here at Quality Marine until now. This deep water anemone doesnt have a lot of known care information on their needs in aquariums, but what we do know...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Goldflake Angel (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) (06/07/19)
The Pomacanthidae known as the Goldflake Angelfish (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) is found from the central to west pacific, including Hawaii, as well as the Christmas and Pheonix islands. Wild specimens are typically rarer to the aquarium trade,...
Photo of the Week - Juvenile Bodianus busellatus (05/29/19)
The juvenile Bodianus busellatus can be seen scooting around reefs of the Central Pacific; Marshall Islands, Marquesas and Pitcairn Islands. There they feed on just about anything they can fit in their mouths. Hogfish from the genus Bodianus are...