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Open Brain Coral from Fiji

Open Brain Coral from Fiji
The Open Brain Coral (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) is a well known, common and hardy large-polyp stony coral. Virtually all of these corals are imported from Southeast Asia. Quality Marine is featuring the Open Brain Coral from Fiji as an out-of-the-ordinary source country. We think you will be pleased with the coloration which is subtly different as compared with the more common specimens from other regions.
The Open Brain Coral is generally hardy and quite adaptable to a range of aquarium provisions. Only the extremes of dim or intense light, and slack or powerful current, should be avoided. This coral will readily respond to occasional meaty target feeding.
Open Brain Coral is not normally attached to reef structures and instead is found nestled in rubble or fine substrate. The skeleton is typically cone-shaped and can be placed into coral sand in almost any desired location within the aquarium. In fact, placing this coral up on a live rock structure would be something unnatural.
Try the Open Brain Corals from Fiji for something different and exciting.