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Nutramar Ova is Back in Stock

Nutramar Ova is Back in Stock

Quality Marine is pleased to announce that after shortages, Nutramar Ova is back in stock. The prawn eggs are finally in season again and we've managed to get a good supply of fresh Ova. The demand for Ova has been intense and we are bulking up our supply for the coming year. Be sure to ask about our lot pricing discounts on case quantities and keep an eye out for our new packaging coming soon!
Nutramar Ova is made from all natural prawn eggs. These eggs are highly nutritious and are an ideal size for feeding corals and smaller fish. Ova makes soft corals, small and large polyp scleractinia (SPS and LPS) go wild, as feeding responses in most species can be seen almost instantly! Ova has also been used to successfully feed Anthias, Mandarin Dragonets, various Pipefish, Seahorses, nano-sized gobies, most juvenile fish species and many more. Because Ova is highly concentrated with protein and natural HUFA's, this nutritious food is a must have when rearing fishes of nearly any species in the larval and post-larval stage.
Please see our product description and visit the Nutramar Website for more information about this outstanding frozen food.