News / Company News / New and Improved Labels are Now Shipping! (01/08/10)

New and Improved Labels are Now Shipping!

Our customers know we are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products, shipped directly to our trusted retailers. In keeping with this tradition, we have improved the look of our tank tag labels. These new labels include a watermark bearing our official QM logo. The new tags also will soon be featuring a revised layout which better highlights critical information such as the animals common name, scientific name, and global origin. We have also created the functionality to display MAC Certified logo for all certified items sold to stores that are registered as being either a MAC Certified Retailer or a MAC licensed Retailer.

Only Quality Marine livestock will bear these new labels, so look for them the next time you go out to your local fish store. We appreciate each and every customer we have and we work hard to ensure you continue to receive the excellent products we have built our brand around. Look for our new tank tags with the authentic QM logo, and rest assured you are getting the most sustainably collected fish from the shortest supply lines.