News / Company News / New Website Updates for the New Year (01/05/07)

New Website Updates for the New Year

In our efforts to make our website increasingly versatile, useful, and easy to navigate, weve just made another large round of updates. Here is a list of the changes you can expect to see:


Public Site


  • A new easy to use product navigation tool that allows users to effortlessly and quickly find the products they are looking for.
  • A new flash animation advertisement on our homepage which showcases a few of our more popular products.
  • An online account registration form created solely for existing customers which eliminates the need to fill out the longer new customer form. With this new form existing customers have the option to have their online password given to them by the phone number or email address listed on their account.
  • We have also added a new downloadable PDF form for new customer registration. This form can be filled out and faxed, mailed, or emailed back to QM for processing.


- New Product Navigation -



Customer Site


  • We have made several large changes to our online ordering screen making it faster, easier to read, and even more reliable. Among those, we have created separate sections for ordering dry goods and ordering livestock, re-organized the product listing to read easier, and we have also extended the page length for users with larger screen sizes.
  • Logged in customers also now have access to an additional downloadable PDF master livestock catalog, featuring full color pictures of our fish and invertebrates with icons displaying their natural habitat, feeding, and hardiness levels.



- New Purchase Order Screen -