News / Company News / New Options from TMC Aquaray LED Lighting Now Available! (01/25/10)

New Options from TMC Aquaray LED Lighting Now Available!

One the hottest trends in the marine aquarium industry is Solid State, or LED, Lighting. These lights are highly efficient, long-lasting alternatives to more traditional metal halide and T5 fluorescent. TMC is at the forefront of developing this technology, and their AquaRay line was the winner of last year's Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Reader's Poll Marine Product of the Year. When you learn more about what these lights can do, you'll understand why.

Delivering high PAR and LUX levels, digital controls, and 50,000 hours of lamp life, not to mention energy-efficiency and low running temperatures, Aquaray is quickly becoming an incomparable product line.

Even better, the Aqua Ray has two new controller options each of which can be used to control 2 x AquaBeam/GroBeam 500 or 2 halves of an AquaBeam/GroBeam 1000. Each controller allows sunrise, sunset, full daylight, and moonlight phases.

AquaRay Control:
  • Two channel dimming control: 2x power inputs and 2x control outputs
  • Simple user interface
  • Easily create sunset, sunrise, daylight & moonlight phases
  • Compact design for easy mounting
  • Uses a real time clock for accurate timing
  • Compatible with all AquaRay light units including AquaBeam 500/1000 and GroBeam 500/1000
  • 2 year guarantee

AquaRay Power Control - All the benefits of the AquaRay Control unit listed above plus the following features:
  • Integrated power supply - 1x power input and 2x control outputs
  • Storm Function which stimulates a lightning storm is designed to be combined with a water change, to encourage breeding in some marine species
    • The lights dim down to 5% over a 5 minute period
    • They then flash at random to simulate lightning for 30 minutes
    • Lastly, they brighten up to resume the users program over 5 minutes
  • Wall mountable
  • 2 year guarantee

TMC AquaRay AquaBeams are the first lighting development since metal halides to create the elusive "Shimmer Effect," giving the aquarium that realistic look. They also have a wide angle light beam with 14,000 K and 50,000 K bulbs, a 5 year guarantee, and numerous mounting options. We will now be offering the following new items:
  • Reef White AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra package with Power Control Unit
  • Control Unit
  • Power Control Unit
  • GroBeam 500
  • MMS End Cap x 2
  • MMS Rail 1090mm
  • MMS Rail 1610mm
  • MMS Suspension Kit
  • Adjustable Cross Link Bar

These are just a few of the great TMC AquaRay LED products we have available. They are in high demand, so be sure to secure your order early!