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New Item - Live Mysid Shrimp

Mysid Shrimp Available

Quality Marine is proud to announce that we now have Live Saltwater Mysid Shrimp available for purchase. These are a very nutritious food and are greedily accepted by just about everything. In house we traditionally use these for the pickiest fish like Pipefish, Garden Eels, Candycane Femininus Wrasses, and Ventralis Anthias. Because of the very small size of these at shipping, we sell them by "dry" volume (not actually dry, but water removed), then package them in invert water with oxygen.

Keeping Live Mysids Live

Like many small crustaceans, these may cannibalize smaller individuals in a population, especially if they aren't offered another food source. They don't need a lot of filtration, which is good because they are not the best at fighting current. These are a species that is common in saltwater tide pools, which means they are naturally accustomed to very unstable conditions both as far as temperature and salinity. This makes them just about ideal for adjusting to marine aquarium environments. They can be fed pelletized or flaked foods, but will also consume detritus. They are very likely to reproduce in captivity without any specialized work on the hobbyists behalf. If placed in an area where they can escape predation, like a refugium, they will establish a breeding population very quickly.

Average shipping size is just under 1cm. Keep in mind when ordering that the image below is at a magnification of several thousand times.