News / Company News / New Gamma Improvit Pellet Foods (9/24/2007)

New Gamma Improvit Pellet Foods

Gamma Improvit Pellet Foods
Introducing the new look of high quality pellet foods. A great addition to the TMC Gamma food line, the new Improvit foods are Gamma irradiated and made from only the finest ingredients.
Gamma Improvit is a revolutionary frozen diet for aquarium fish, combining the convenience of a dry, formulated food with all the benefits of the natural ingredient your fish prefer in a frozen food. The patented process involves the impregnation of a high quality dry food with the same wide variety of natural products used in your favorite Gamma Frozen Foods. Fast-freezing ensures no subsequent loss of nutrients, vitamins or minerals.
  • Gamma Irradiated. Guarantees the product is 100% bacteria-free and safe to store in a domestic freezer.
  • Supplied in a handy and hygienic 30g "easy-click" dispenser which ensures your fish get just the right amount of food ... no mess, no fuss.
  • Unique natural movement in water. Gamma Improvit sinks slowly and reacts naturally to currents and water movement ensuring it keeps your fish interested until every last pellet is eaten.
  • High palatability. Higher moisture content means the small pellet is softer when thawed compared to other dry diets and the fresh ingredients will attract your most fastidious fish.
Currently Available Improvit Foods:
  • Marine Diet containing brineshrimp, krill, seaweed and astaxanthin.
  • Tropical Diet containing white mosquito larvae, daphnia, bloodworm and spinach.
  • Goldfish Diet containing bloodworm, daphnia, carrots and watercress.
  • Cichlid Diet containing bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, spirulina and watercress.