News / Company News / New Enhanced Store Locator in the QM Hobbyist News (2/24/2009)

New Enhanced Store Locator in the QM Hobbyist News

New Enhanced Store Locator in the QM Hobbyist Newsletter
Quality Marine has made some changes to our hobbyist newsletter. Apart from a few cosmetic design changes we have also modified the display of retail stores that are located near registered hobbyists. These changes will simplify the ease at which hobbyists' can find local stores which purchase livestock and drygoods supplies from Quality Marine.
At the bottom of each weekly emailed Quality Marine Hobbyist Newsletter is a listing of "Stores Near You:" These listings are selected based upon the street address, city and zip code for both the stores and the registered hobbyist.

What criteria are used to list nearby stores?
All stores listed are those which make purchases from Quality Marine with a sufficient frequency and quantity that the hobbyist is likely to find QM livestock and/or drygoods on any given visit. These stores are grouped as being within two sections: 0-20 miles and 21-100 miles. Within each group, stores are ranked in descending order according to frequency and volume of purchases from Quality Marine.
We hope that this unique feature of the newsletter will improve hobbyists' ability to find nearby retail stores which have chosen to offer the high quality and responsibly collected livestock, as well as the excellent equipment and supplies, which are all available from Quality Marine.
If you are not yet registered and would like to receive the weekly newsletter and various other benefits, please complete the Hobbyist Registration Form.