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New Drygoods: Rowa, Merck, and more

New Drygoods: Rowa, Merck, and more
We just expanded our drygoods lines to include Rowa and several other products from D & D Aquarium Solutions. Among the products that we currently carry are:
  • RowaPhos: (100, 250,500, 1000 ml)
  • Rowa Active Carbon: (500, 100 ml)
  • Merc Professional Phosphate Test Kit - 200 Tests 0.008 ppm
  • Aquascape Epoxy Glue (Coraline/Muave and Gray Colors available)
More about RowaPhos
RowaPhos is the professional method of removing Phosphate and Silicate in all types of Aquariums and Ponds. It has the largest absorption ability of any phosphate product and will not leach back in to the water. This saves the need for immediate removal once the media is full. The product is easy to use and will improve the water quality wherever Phosphate or Silicate is a problem. It is of interest to Marine and Reef Aquariums where its unrivalled capabilities have shown it to be extremely beneficial in the control of nuisance algae's and the growth of hard corals. Unlike other phosphate removal products, it does not shock the animals or cause problems when used regularly. In fact constant use of the product is recommended, as its abilities to control nuisance algae is a major benefit. (From Rowa)