News / Company News / Nameless Rare Wrasses Pass Through QM Waters (03/26/10)

Nameless Rare Wrasses Pass Through QM Waters

The nicknamed Nahackys wrasse is yet another uncommon fish that has made it through QM's waters recently. These beautiful specimens are named after Tony Nahacky who relatively recently discovered this gem of a fish in the reefs around Fiji. While the fish is currently nameless, we were told that the species is pending scientific classification.

The already sold pair that arrived earlier this week at QM was collected by our Short Supply / MAC Certified supplier in Fiji. These are a deepwater species and the word is that they were collected at around 100 feet from the surface. The alluring red and pastel markings are incredibly rich, separating it from other Wrasses with similar colors. The distinct multi-coloring of the male's dorsal fin is just another attribute that not only make these a rare, but a beautiful, addition to the world of aquaria.