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Have You Really Checked Out The QM Website?

Have You Really Checked Out The QM Website?
Our goal at Quality Marine is to provide you with interesting and helpful information in a continually updated presentation. The Quality Marine website offers a variety of topics for industry professionals, hobbyists, and anyone with a keen interest in marine ornamentals and coral reef conservation.

If you have not already, we invite you to regularly explore our website for Quality Marine and world news, featured and new products, species spotlights, featured articles and much more.

The News/Events page is your portal to many informative and useful articles and features:
  • Company News: We feel that it is important that you are regularly informed of QM company news. Here we will keep you updated on such things as livestock and dry goods supply availability, notable weather situations, new products and product lines, special events and other things that we would like to share with you.
  • Industry News/Events: QM searches the wires for topical worldwide news on the aquarium industry, coral reef and fisheries conservation and science, and general concerns. Look here to see what is happening throughout the world.
  • New Dry Goods: QM regularly expands its dry goods inventory with new products and product lines. For many of these, the introduction deserves bringing a detailed product description to your attention. Right now, we are featuring Coral Frenzy.
  • Species Spotlight: Expect regular in-depth profiles of many different fish and invertebrate species, genera and families. QM will focus on the organisms in their natural environment as well as their care in the aquarium. We recently put the spotlight on the Trochus Snail.