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Get What You Expect - Acanthastrea lordhowensis

Lordhowensis, Latin for Reef-Envy

Without further ado, and to much fanfare (drumroll) we are releasing our long awaited aquacultured Reefhab Acan frags. (cymbal, gasp, applause)

In the wild, Acanthastrea corals are generally found in less than 60 feet of water, in protected areas, frequently forming huge colonies. In the reef aquarium, Acanthastrea are quite hardy, fast growing, and colorfast in a wide variety of conditions. They are good choices for moderate water current and lighting, but are quite adaptable to less or more of each, within reason.

Stability will give you the wildest colors and best polyp extension. (oooh) Target feed finely minced meaty foods and/or zooplankton for best results and fastest growth. Actinic lighting will really make these pop. (aaahhh)

These pictures are un-shopped, cropped, and taken under 400w, 20K Radium bulbs. While we are in the process of creating common names for each of our different color forms, we also are using a very detailed naming and grading system to identify each Acan colorform. The diagram below breaks down the system we developed and are using here at QM; a process assuring you get what you expect. (wild applause)

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