News / Company News / FedEx Door To Door and Overnight Shipping! (2/28/2008)

FedEx Door To Door and Overnight Shipping!

Quality Marine is proud to inform our customers about our new door-to-door overnight freight program with FedEx.

Yes, no more frustrated drives to the airport. No more time wasted, sitting at a cargo terminal.

FedEx Freight will deliver your order from our door to your door, overnight. Your order is packed at Quality Marine and is shrink wrapped to a pallet, which eliminates box-to-box handling. This greatly reduces the chance that your shipment will get separated and generally lessens the stress on the animals during transit. Furthermore, this option also diminishes the chance of your shipment being delayed by the airlines themselves.

There is a minimum weight to qualify for this service based on shipping location, which is usually around seven or eight boxes. Please don't hesitate to ask your salesperson for more details about this incredible option. It's just another way Quality Marine makes things easier on our customers and their fish.