News / Company News / Daily Stocklist Emails Have New Format (7/12/2007)

Daily Stocklist Emails Have New Format

Daily Stocklist Emails Have New Format
We have recently changed the format of our daily stocklist emails. With this new format, instead of customers automatically downloading stocklists when they receive their email, customers now get an html format email which contains a link directly to our website where the most current stocklist is displayed.
This new format will allow customers to always be able to immediately access our most recent stocklist. For example, a customer is sent a stocklist on a Monday and that person does not get around to checking the list until Wednesday of that week. On the old 'attachment' format, customers would be accessing a stocklist that was current as of the time the email was send on Monday. With the new format, once they click on the link to our stocklist in the html email, they will always be directed to our most recent stocklist which will be updated hourly.
Other benefits include a significantly reduced demand on user bandwidth, meaning that customers will only need to download the file when they decide to click on our link. This will help to relieve excessive email download times. Additionally, our email has a fresh new look much like our website. Here we will feature recent news, events, current specials, articles and newsletters with links directly to our website.
If you have any questions about the new style email please contact your customer service representative.