News / Company News / Cook Island Maxima Clams in Pictures! (06/03/10)

Cook Island Maxima Clams in Pictures!

Just to satisfy some of you out there looking for a little eye candy, weve taken a few shots of our most recent shipment of Maxima Clams for you to drool over. If you havent been following our other recent posts, you probably havent heard of these clams. Due to changes in CITES regulations, we were not able to import these clams for several years. Fortunately, with a little help from Bob (of the infamous Bobs Pics) our supplier was able to straighten out the paperwork so that we could start importing these beauties again. We've already sold off most of our first shipment but we've still got plenty left with even more on the way this weekend.

So enough with the chit chathere are some shots. Enjoy!