News / Company News / Cook Island Clams Arrive at QM (05/24/10)

Cook Island Clams Arrive at QM

Weve received an excellent shipment of clams from our exclusive supplier in the Cook Islands. One of our several Short Supply Chain suppliers, they have been unable to export any of their clams for many years. After a lot of time and effort we finally were able to help get their clams approved for export....all we can say is that it has absolutely been worth the wait!!

Pictured below are a sampling of our Tridacna derasa clams that came with this shipment. We have an excellent selection available with two distinct color patterns. One is the Tiger Striped Derasa which is marked with fine, long, flowing bright gold lines which run parallel with the contours of the mantel. The Colored Deresa have rich gold, tan, and yellow hues which are displayed in more of a random and nearly spotted pattern. Perhaps what we love the most about both of these color morphs are how vivid the blue margins are on their mantels. What's even better is that all of the clams arrived looking flawless after their brief trip to LA. There are no signs of parasites and no pinched mantles, which can be relatively common among cultured clams.

For those that have not ever tried keeping clams, the Derasa is one of the best choices as they are quite hardy by comparison with some of the other species available. They are also quite tolerant of various lighting regimes and grow at very fast rates when provided good water quality.

Certainly the most exciting news from this shipment is that along with the Derasa arrived a big batch of the Cook Island Maximas. These are absolutely stunning with perhaps the most striking patterns that we've ever seen in a clam. We can't wait to release these to our customers, but for now we are monitoring their health and making sure that they acclimatize to our system before making them available. Updates and photos to come soon...