News / Company News / Cook Island Aquacultured Clams to Return (11/09/09)

Cook Island Aquacultured Clams to Return

QM works very hard to supply our customers with the largest variety of marine livestock available anywhere. After a several year hiatus due to changes in CITES permit regulations, we are very close to restocking Cook Island aquacultured Tridacna clams. We worked diligently with our Cook Island suppliers to comply with all the new CITES regulations and we are now on the verge of receiving the only import permit in the country. Our hard work has nearly paid off and these exceptional specimens will soon be available once again. Quality Marine will be the only importer in the United States with access to this untapped and sustainable resource.

These new clams will be a great addition to our already great selection of aquacultured Tridacna clams. We have been promised a good variety of T. derasa and T. maxima from this shipment. After that, we will soon be able to feature some T. gigas, along with the more uncommon Hippopus hippopus.

The T. maxima clams we received in the past from this supplier were unlike any we have seen before and were unrivaled in regards to color vibrancy and pattern character. Stay tuned for updates on when we expect to have these beautiful clams available