News / Company News / Christmas Island Trigger Hybrid (01/28/10)

Christmas Island Trigger Hybrid

From time to time, we receive some very cool and unusual livestock. This time, one of our short supply line collectors has sent us a special treat; this hybrid trigger fish (Xanthichthys mento, X. lineopunctatus cross) is of a type he has not seen in over five years. Hailing from Christmas Island, this trigger is a truly majestic looking fish. We have never before had one in our QM facility, so needless to say we wanted to pass on this exciting news to you, our loyal customers.

Though we have already sold this specimen, we know that the trigger lovers out there would appreciate seeing this unique animal. Our dedication to establishing the shortest supply lines from the sea through to the consumer ensures that our livestock is as healthy as possible. Here at QM, we make every effort to establish direct relationships with the finest collectors the world over. You can be sure that we will continue to bring you one-of-a-kind livestock options that you will be proud to own. Keep checking back on the QM website for all our exciting updates...