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Changes Made To Our Supply Region Designations

Changes Made To Our Supply Region Designations
With the addition of supply from Papua New Guinea, Quality Marine has implemented a few changes to our livestock supply region designations.

Our supply regions are formulated and organized primarily upon two factors. It is the combination of geographic locality and actual costing that goes into determining how Quality Marine arranges multiple supply sources into regional designations.

We have recently added one new region and made changes to two others. Shown below are three newly revised regional designations and the countries that comprise them.

Central Pacific: Fiji, Hawaii, Cook Islands, Tonga, Tahiti, Marshall Islands
Australia/Coral Sea: Australia, New Caledonia
Melanesia: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
The last digit of our livestock product numbers is the numerical key to its source region. Shown below is the new numerical key to all of the Quality Marine supply regions.
0 East Americas
1 West Americas
2 Central Pacific
3 Australia/Coral Sea
4 Africa/Red Sea
5 Melanesia
6 South Asia
7 Eastern Asia
8 Eastern Atlantic
Example using the product listing for the Coral Beauty Angelfish from Fiji:

Coral Beauty
Centropyge bispinosus
Origin: Central Pacific
Item: 1100322
We will soon be making the changes to our Interactive Supply Region Map which displays all the different regions and locations from which Quality Marine imports livestock.