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Breaking News- Quality Marine QR Code Tags

Quality Marine innovates. We do just about everything we can think of to be the most responsible supplier of the highest quality fish and invertebrates. We utilize Short Supply Chain Vendors wherever and whenever possible. We champion sustainable and best practices worldwide. We constantly analyze and improve how animals are shipped, acclimated, treated, and housed in our facility. We track every animal from every shipment from the collector all the way through our facility and to the customer we sell it to. We have decades worth of data telling us exactly which fish from which vendors perform the best for us and our customers. No other importer tracks their animals to this level of detail.

So what does this mean for you? Well, first of all it means you are getting only the highest quality animals from QM. It also means we have a lot of information that would be helpful to hobbyists and retail operators alike. So, for our most recent innovation, weve designed a mobile site that allows you to track your fish all the way from the country of collection right up to the store you bought it from.

The key to this system lies in our tank tag labels. We can provide these static cling labels for every fish we sell. On each label is a QR code, a techy, matrix looking box. All you have to do is scan it with your Smartphone* and it takes you to our mobile site where you can learn key facts about that animal. People will be able to identify an animal, see if that animal is suitable for their aquarium, what foods it needs, what country it came from, and when it arrived at and departed from Quality Marine, even if every employee in the store is busy.

Whats more, you can learn all about Quality Marine, the products we offer and our commitment to sustainability; not to mention all the other cool and useful features on the way. We are excited about this new innovation. Our hope is that it helps hobbyists and retailers alike become better and more informed aquarists.
*We designed our mobile site for compatibility with iPhones and Androids. While a variety of scanners will work, all of the QM staff and testing sites have had fun (and good success) using the 'RedLaser' QR code scanning app. It's a free download from the app store or android's marketplace. Most full larger format touchscreen BlackBerry devices were also able to successfully navigate the QM mobile site as well. For these, we recommend the use of 'QR Scanner Pro', a free app found on App World.