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Bob's Picks

Its hard to believe that its already mid-February and spring is fast approaching. As we are entering the last stages of winter in most of the US its a good time to pay close attention to the arrival temperatures of your shipments. If you are starting to see a rise in the temperature of the shipping water it would be time to consider reducing the amount of heat packs being used. Any information you can relay back to your Customer Service Representative regarding water quality parameters on arrival is vital in maintaining a consistent environment all throughout transit. Excessively warm conditions are much more detrimental to our animals in the long run and should be avoided. The climate here in Los Angeles is extremely mild, even bordering on early summer so a little proactive planning can go a long ways in keeping your shipments arriving in stellar condition.

As a little teaser, we will have some real gems available this coming week, so keep your eyes on the stocklist for when they pop up. This week I can't miss the opportunity to feature some really unique stuff we have gotten in from Japan. We don't often see shipments from this supply line so scoop this stuff while you can.

First we have some really unique Japanese Lunate Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus lunatus). They are fat and happy. We have a good supply of females, but only a couple males. A few changing individuals are mixed in with the females.

This shipment brought us some Japanese Randalli Assesors (Assessor randalli), these little blue green devils have an iridescent sheen to them that doesn't photo well, but looks amazing under actinic lights. This new basslet for our stocklist is a limited supply item so don't waste a lot of time getting to them.

This one should perk the interest of all you NPS people. We have a good number of Japanese Neon Tube Anemones (Halcurias carlgreni.) They don't need any light, and will seemingly glow in the dark with just a tiny bit of actinic lighting. For everyone about to make a bad joke, these are in no way radioactive.

Lastly, there is an extremely limited supply of Juvenile Interruptus Angels (Centropyge interruptus) These are healthy and if you are a fan of Centropyge angels, you know what a gem this is.