News / Company News / Bob's Picks (09/30/11)

Bob's Picks

Supplier visits, like the one I recently returned from, always make me think about our collectors and the job they do. They face lots of different challenges, making finding (and keeping) good ones even more important.

Ease of collection varies vastly between fish. With schooling fish, divers are able to herd fish into set nets with relative ease, where they can be gently scooped up with hand nets and placed in collection containers. If only collection was this easy all the time! But its not, in fact, many of the more desirable reef fish dont school and thus are much more difficult.

Often these fish do not stray very far from their home or hiding place making them much harder to spot. Non-schooling fish have coral, rocks and surf to hide in, making set nets / herding a virtual impossibility. These fish take years of practice to be able to catch at all, let alone in a manner that doesnt harm the fish. These techniques are much harder, and gather many fewer fish than techniques for schooling fish, making them less attractive targets for most collectors.

Collection depth is another factor that has a major impact on both the diver and the targeted specimen. Decompression time and degassing techniques are major indicators in how well a specimen will do once in captivity. Their influence on the quality of the animal and the safety of the collector cannot be overlooked.

The art of collecting fish is difficult and dangerous, not only to the fish, but more importantly to the divers. This is why we prefer to use collectors who have extensive experience and an understanding for the importance of careful handling. Doing so allows us to provide the consistently healthy animals you have come to expect, and it allows you to make a more sustainable, ethical choice when it comes to your livestock.

This week from our supply line in Australia we received a very nice shipment of Scribble Angels (Chaetodontoplus doublayi). The weather is finally co-operating in the land down under and we were able to get these beauties in.

If you fancy Clownfish we have an excellent selection of both wild-caught and tank-raised varieties to choose from. One of the many highlights we are offering comes from Sumatra as we have a limited number of large Black Clarki Clowns (Amphirpion clarkii) available and these are some truly exceptional specimens.

Our source in Sri Lanka collected for us some stellar large Diamond Watchman Goby (Valenciennea puellaris). These are some absolute beasts that are ready to get down and dirty with some heavy duty sand sifting.

Our Reefhab Frags are some of the best the industry has to offer and we have an outstanding batch of Colored Hammer Branch Corals (Euphyllia paraancora) available. These are displaying full polyp extension so beware of sweeper tentacles.

We have some super Maricultured Clams available and the Hippopus hippopus are not only extremely hardy they are coloring up quite nicely. They are starting to show some vibrant blue rims and speckling so be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative about this weeks South Pacific Clam Promo.