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Bob's Picks

I just returned from a supplier visit overseas and as always, it was an educational experience. I was able to witness things that I dont normally see while working here at our facility in Los Angeles. Out in the field, I get the opportunity to observe the habitat that our specimens are collected from. This is one of my favorite aspects of these trips as it can be quite enlightening, especially when considering behavior, territoriality and feeding. Another thing that is of immeasurable value is to see the actual holding systems of our vendors, along with how animals are collected and transportation to the facility. Being able to see many of these different points of the supply chain allows us to gain further understanding on what each animals journey looks like. Knowing this, as well as more information about their natural habitat, we can adjust our husbandry practices to see better results.

I also use this opportunity to share my knowledge with our vendors about other successful techniques that Ive learned through my visits with other suppliers. Sometimes simple tweaks will make the world of difference in the health of an animal when they arrive here at our facility.

Of course there is so much more, but you can get the picture of how we go to great lengths to gain a thorough understanding of how our animals flow through the supply chain. Having this understanding helps to equip us with the knowledge to better care for our animals and make sure that we continue to provide the highest quality and healthiest specimens in the industry.

We have an excellent assortment of African Flameback Angels (Centropyge acanthops) in stock. Ask your Customer Service Representative about this weeks Promotion!

From our SSC in Tonga we have some stunning pieces of Red Inferno Chalice Coral (Echinophyllia sp.). There are only a limited number available so be sure to get your order in quick.

We have from our Eastern Asia supply line the Matted Leatherjacket (Acreichthys tomentosus). These are another one of the many biological methods for Aiptasia control.

This week from Indonesia we received the Twinstripe Fusilier (Pterocaesio marri). This is a beautiful, schooling fish that will eventually need a good amount of room and high dissolved oxygen levels. If you have a large display and you want a school of colorful active fish, this is the fish for you!

Another one of our great offerings of Aquacultured items is the Fire & Ice Zoa (Zoanthid sp.). The coverage is super on these pieces and they look awesome.