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Bob's Picks

Just a reminder that the first day of Autumn is Friday, September 23rd and the weather will be starting to change across much of the country. Surprisingly enough, I have heard reports of SNOW already in the upper Midwest so we anticipate some rapidly shifting weather conditions over the next couple of months.

Please keep in mind that this is usually the time of year when Los Angeles is subjected to stretches of hot and very dry weather, so we rely on our customers to keep us apprised of the actual weather conditions at the destination. We do utilize the weather information that is available off of the internet, but ultimately, firsthand observation from our customers is the best tool we can use to base our final decision on packaging requirements. We always try our best to avoid drastic temperature swings during transportation as this can have an extremely detrimental and long lasting impact on the animals.

Basic water quality parameters such as temperature, pH and salinity should always be taken upon arrival to best be able to determine the proper way to acclimate your animals. Its also a good idea to take a random sample from differing bag sizes as you will get a better cross section of water conditions.

If you have not tried the Ochre-Striped Cardinal Fish (Apogon compressus) give yourself a treat and try them out. These look absolutely spectacular and would be the perfect inhabitant for most reef aquaria. We love most apogon species as they are very peaceful fish and do excellent in the average reef aquarium.

From our MAC Certified Supply Line in Fiji we have an abundance of Orange Butterflyfish (Chaetodon kleini). These are a colorful, hardy species that many hobbyists use as a biological method of Aiptasia control.

We have a strong inventory of Aquacultured Black Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) on hand. These are doing great, have great color and are a special buy this week.

I feel the Open Brain Corals ( Lobophyllia sp.) are one of the industrys most underappreciated and overlooked corals. This week we have an outstanding selection from Fiji, Tonga and Australia. Be sure to have your Customer Service Representative select some of these special pieces for you.

We have a limited number of the Blue Mini Polyp (Cervera sp.)available. This weeks selection has brilliant coloration and very full coverage. These gems do great with moderate lighting and good water quality.