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Bob's Picks

So far this summer we have been introducing new items here and there to assist in keeping up interest. Weve brought on the amazing aquacultured Monaco Peppermint Shrimp for a biological method of Aiptasia control and as of last night we are now offering another aquacultured shrimp, the Candycane Shrimp (Lysmata uncicornis). These are also Aiptasia eaters and look great with their red and white barring.

Another area we are enhancing is our selection of maricultured soft and hard corals. The availability of these specimens is exploding, so look for even more species to start to make their way onto our stocklist. We have been getting some truly phenomenal Metallic Green Hammer Corals and the quality and sizing is amazing. Not only is there consistency but also the added benefit of mariculture which has a minimal impact on the environment.

We also have a continuous supply of a truly aquacultured Banggai Cardinal and these have proven to be unbelievable both in vigor and appearance. It is a sight to behold when a swarm of these beauties swim to the surface just at the mere sight of you. These are quickly becoming one of our top sellers, so be sure to try them out if you haven't already.

On the horizon we have a couple of new supply lines we are scheduled to open in the hopes of providing you with an ever expanding inventory of unmatched diversity. One of which arrives this weekend. Our tech team is also at it once again and nearing the completion of another QM innovation, so stay tuned for more details which are sure to come in the next few weeks.