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Bob's Picks

As we move through the midpoint of summer, it wont be long until schools are back in session. Before we know it the Fall busy season will soon be following.

With all the sweltering heat most of the nation has been subject to this year, it is difficult to envision cooler temperatures ahead. Nonetheless, while the heat may be slowing down your retail sales, it's a great time to start to prepare for the upcoming busy season. Begin by planning a new eye catching display or two. Having new displays utilizing different rock layouts, species mixes, and/or bio types inspires customers to try different things and can be a great way to spur sales. Try and also update your merchandising to give your storefront a fresh and clean look. Some of the biggest turn offs for customers are seeing dirty, cluttered, and/or poorly cared for stores. Taking the time to get your store ready for the Fall/Winter season will pay dividends later on and will help your business capitalize on more potential sales.

Looking for a unique, eye-catching item to bring new hobbyists into the mix? Try a blue spot cowfish (Lactophrys sp.). Deep inventory and a nice range of sizes makes this an excellent buy this week.

Speaking of interesting, attention-getting items have you tried a small school of Striped Shrimpfish (Aeoliscus strigatus)? Their unique, head-down swimming and tight schooling behaviors will surely attract a crowd. They are great in seahorse tanks or lightly stocked reefs with less aggressive tankmates. Give them an urchin or some feathery macroalgae and watch them interact. Feeding will be a cinch too because our stock are all currently ferociously devouring frozen mysis and brine shrimp.

On the coral front I recommend the Green Branching Octopus Coral (Euphyllia yaeyamaensis). This is a great piece for LPS lovers or the reef-geek that is in search of that one piece to put in a variable current to get the wave action effect they are looking for. Did I mention that they look awesome too? Ask your sales rep to pick one that is exhibiting the trade-mark purple tips.

We received an excellent shipment of aquacultured Large Polyp Cup Corals (Turbinaria peltata) this week. This hardy coral comes in all shades of green and purple. Low light, high light, low flow, high flow...the L.P. cup dont care. Purple with green polyps, green with purple polyps, purple with purple polyps, or green with green polyps, its your choice.